Poem 5

In just a few words
You flipped my life
Changed the course of events
For days or weeks to come

We have to leave
You said with a panic
Death happens all the time
But eludes you constantly

Tragedy strikes
And we’re off


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Poem 4

Moderate darkness
Threatens to encroach
Upon my eyes
Unknowingly, I hesitiate
Only for a moment
More or less
But do not mistake
This for FEAR
It is much more than that
Something deep
Something ancient
But you would not get this
Your thoughts only to turn
& other niceties
& the remebrance of things 
Past & passed
“Do not fear the reaper”
You quoted from a song
“I don’t” I replied
In all seriousness
Hoping that I in fact
Believe it 

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Poem 3

Extremely busy today with preparations for an incredible journey. I’ll stick with a haiku today for lack of time.

Sitting in the dark
Silently contemplating
The light that once was

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Day Three of OctPoWriMo

A wonderful reflection on the strange state of readers…


I’m going to make this a quick post because I’ve already done one post today and two posts on the same day is unheard of for me!  So without further delay (imaginary drumroll) here’s todays poem.

We’re a strange lot; readers.

We devour books like starving men,

Searching online for fresh prey,

Analysing reviews for clues to our next conquest.

Almost lost in bookstores,

Faced with agonising choices

Over which books not to buy.

Libraries are havens of print

Where we congregate in packs.

Readers jump into books

Seeking other worlds

In which to find themselves.

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Poem 2

As the leaves change
and fall from the tree
my mind turns to
all the things I’ll leave

from passing fancy to
lasting love
the one that matters
is the One from above

so as these leaves
fall to decay
so will my body
dissolve one day

From God we come
and to Him return
For His love
is what I yearn

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Poem 1

Lofty thoughts
and lowly thoughts
Mingle in my head

Thoughts of life
Thoughts of love
And things already dead

Have no regrets
And fulfill your trusts
Forgiving as you go

Solely believing
That He is one
Nay! To truly know

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October 1, 2012 · 10:46 pm

Fall is here

Fall is here

We are much like leaves; we change when we’re ready.


October 1, 2012 · 3:27 am